Registration will be opened in due time ensuring you’ll have enough oppertunities to gain early access to the tutorials & conference while arranging for great transportation and stay arrangements.

Paul Schenkeveld Travel Grant (*Open for suggestions*)

The 2016 grantee has been selected by the Foundation Board.

As announced during the EuroBSDcon 2015 closing session, the EuroBSDcon Foundation will grant a travel, conference access and hotel bedding towards a would-be participant that can’t afford or otherwise join EuroBSDcon. If you are – or know somewhone who is – anticipating to join our conference please indicate this before July 1st 2017 to the Foundation Board.

For further information regarding the Paul Schenkeveld Travel Grant please contact us using the form on the Foundation Website indicating ‘Travel Grant’. The board will decide upon an eligable participant and communicate the selection (not the individual unless agreed upon) through both the 2017 and the foundation websites.